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Niece Acevedo this week, we speak to author and journalist ginger. Gorman who spent five years examining the world of trolls to she herself was the victim of dangerous messages that threatened her and her family. She speaks to the very people who send those kind of messages and looks at the impact on both receivers. I'm the truth and cells and asks who's responsible for the online fallout. That's BBC. Trending just ask the news. BBC news with Rosemary creek reports from Syria say a group linked to Al Qaeda has killed more than twenty pro government forces nail Italy province the Syrian observatory for human rights said the attack by Unser Alto. He'd fighters was one of the deadliest breaches of a six month old truce. It lab is still mainly held by rebel factions. The husband of a teenager who has been stripped of her British citizenship for traveling to Syria to support the Islamic state group says he wants to return to the Netherlands with her and their newborn baby jago retake Mary Shamima Begum in two thousand fifteen when she was fifteen years old, and he was twenty three days after she arrived inside IS territory. The test flights of America's latest astronaut capsule. We'll see it attempt to dock with the international space station shortly the dragon vehicle which blasted off from Florida yesterday is carrying a test dummy could begin transporting US astronauts by the end of the year. South Korea has confirmed that large-scale annual military exercises with the United States at the end the maneuvers have long been a source of tension with North Korea which accused its rivals of preparing for an invasion. The exercises will be replaced with smaller scale drills. The speaker of Russia's upper house of parliament has said Moscow will the everything possible to prevent the United States from intervening militarily in Venezuela. Valentina Matvienko said Russia was very concerned that the United States could carry out what she called provocations to find reasons for intervening in Venezuela. And Estonians voting in a parliamentary election which opinion. Polls suggest will be a tight race between the two parties that have dominated politics since the country regained independence in nineteen Ninety-one the governing center left center party of prime minister Yuri. Russia's is vying for control with the center right's Reform Party BBC news. Our online world is now listed with terms and themes that have false become part of our social media experience. With Lynch use hashtags means and gifts with perhaps taking part in a challenge. Don't the Harlem shake August. The color of address it was blue or sound Zanny. But they're all however, other more serious aspects of Louis net that we've had to learn to navigate how'd you discern fake news from the truth, for example, a what you should do when.

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