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An unprecedented eighteen different bracelet. Events will be televised with a minimum of fifteen hours of coverage of the trump roman event provided exclusively by poker central. Now the ten km main has been speculated. Could be the largest ever. It's going to fall different starting to choose from with day one being november fourth. It's gonna continue to play through to the final table on november sixteenth yet. Very much looking forward to the coverage of this one. I think they would probably put a similar team together from an audience point of view. We'll have the same sort of commentary teams and probably the same rendering. Saint production team. May well do the business but it will be on. Cbs as opposed to espn. I'm very much looking forward to the coverage. I might even get out there. I'm not sure yet. I know you've already booked your trip although goodness knows at the moment with her with with delta variant with delta very whatnot. It's looking a little bit worrisome. For that time of year for people on this side of the planets look obviously we're all vaccinated where most of us will be in europe by them and maybe we'll be okay and you can go there their undo. Your bollocks yeah. Hopefully i got strep. I don't know how many thousands of bucks instead of staying home and grinding online because it would be nice to get back to the life felt especially with the waso pay. I'm going to try and do two weeks out. That is screaming. We get off of the red list just to keep our fingers crossed and nancy. What happens anything else yes. Unit has launched them. Lgbtq plus atas kindred the company behind the scene lebron's union button. Thirty to read has become the first gambling firm to launch. Said avatars as part of pride mccarthy twenty one govern hayward can rids chief h off a said kindred employees can prior to work for a diverse and inclusive company. Whatever the gender sexual identity this is not a tick. Box exercise kindred this is aligned with a corporate values abroad diversity..

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