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A kind of a fugitive lifestyle or forced more glorified he'll be the bad guy so we we really want to go and get that got three roads is wanted in Oklahoma county for possession of a stolen vehicle possession of firearms after former conviction possession of stolen property and attempting to elude police he's wanted in Pottawatomie county for failure to appear in court add another twenty five years to the life prison sentence an eighteen year old is already serving Jim Forsyth report see on teh James greens admitted twenty seventeen crime spree included killing an Oklahoma teacher and raping an eighty one year old woman the new twenty five year sentence comes after green pleaded guilty to for unrelated crimes committed the same year he entered the play is to charges of burglary larceny of an automobile and two counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon green's life term is for guilty pleas he entered in March to first degree murder eighteen other felonies and one misdemeanor he was sixteen when he fatally shot broken arrow teacher Shane Anderson at his home rape the woman and committed a series of armed robberies on October first twenty seventeen of former police chief in Jackson County is a wanted man make a bishop reports and arrest warrant has been issued for the former elder radio police chief the warrant was issued by the Jackson County District Court accusing forty three year old Michael Tenney of sexually assaulting a woman alive newspaper reports he grabbed a woman and tried to pull off her clothes she was able to run away he may no longer be the police chief but he's currently a town employee senators say one of the first things they'll consider after their Labor Day recess is gun control but it's uncertain what form it will take colonel Scott reports democratic senator Joe Manchin said on CBS face the nation that the recent mass shootings make it a perfect time to take up gun control people have to have confidence in go out with their friends and family and be safe so we've got to start in background checks is the absolute building block but on fox's Sunday morning futures GOP senator Lindsey Graham says there's more to consider protective order legislation red black legislation grant pro grants to help states the higher mental health professionals for the cops to value wait what cases to go to court many in Congress wanted to end the recess to consider these items Republican leadership chose to wait officials are working to fix that damn breach at Cushing late the breach is letting water pass unrestricted but the flow is still controlled there's not been a dam failure Cushing lake is closed.

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