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For this dude and tell him just stay here in the corner in the bron- drive. He'll kick it out to you. And on the other way, we'll play a two three zone. You're on the back line of the two threes, though. I would I still would love to have the former players current players in you have tag team three point shooting where you do a rack. And then you have the next Damon Lillard does arrack and then you do Iraq. Like, you did something like that. I think that that would be fun. So that way the guys who haven't played in a long time. They're not gonna get as tired. But they can still be respectable. You'd be my first pick though, former players shooting threes. Oh, I would put Ray there. I would after watching Glen Rice. I was certainly Glen Rice in there because he carried the Mark Price in Ray. And that. I would probably put Pasia in Beijing there. I put page you in there. And I would probably I think Craig conscious can still get it done to put. That's a nice. That's a nice five guys. And we'll go with the current NBA guys. They pick five guys. Steph clay Lillard Joe Harris who just wants and pick pick one more guy. And yeah, we'll go toe-to-toe won't be there. Huckleberry? Reg, I had Ray Allen in the studio. And I corrected his his jump shot. You know, I did he he had the ball on his palm a little bit Seton. Do you have the direct quote that I had for rail? And when he came in the crave, you know, you shooting the ball wrong. Right. I know I did say I say that to Ray on because he had the ball little bit more on his palm. I always tell these guys get it up on your fingertips. So Ray is wrong in my opinion. And he looks at me like what would you say? Yes, he immediately said he said, no, I don't you said. Yeah. You do. And then there became this awkward moment of like. Wow. You really telling Ray Allen that he's shooting the ball wrong. He had the ball little bit on us poem ridge. In all fairness Theodore, I've heard that many times of my job jump shot being ugly. And I held a ball wrong shooting is like fingerprints. They're totally different for everyone. So I should. Totally different from Ray from Steph from clay from Lillard from you. Everyone shoots the ball, totally different. It's all about being comfortable in your release form and having your shoulder square..

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