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Let's get to the nominations okay so the nominees for the mammoth gory memorial award for woke kissed bay are derek cuff for that song he wrote about the veterans member that's on the of course a very powerful you'd on mmhmm jesse williams were being just overall very woke before he left his wife for me i said before he left to make a kelly a unfurling quarrelling yes so only consider this jesse winds premium kakata addicott him i'm then there's vinnie guategate yo i'm not pronounce that right is that right up but it's good jersey shore visit new jersey shore vinnie who knows more about global warming than donald trump that you had a rugged tomato that was today range of scalpels no few days ago young aggreggate than we have kendall jenner she's very woke she salt hate oh yeah because she drank pepsi it was now string one in every one nights more yes korea hey as a concept no longer exists i don't even understand it actually consider ready happened armie hammer for being woke about casey affleck again in the same way that we had the caveat for jesse williams this is before armie hammer took back those woke combats in back so only the pre taking back comments are we being nominated her aki took them back so let's check the winner and who me for guest bay goes to kendall jenner and generally general amnon regulations price to me i didn't expect to win we're she she here no no no i'm sorry if the hooligans can't make it kendall jenner certainly is too busy working on her next sponsorship she's working the next year's love advent calendar i tell yet she definitely has got to get started on that early in the year you know a lot of time and effort we'll be back to the who means after a word from these sponsors.

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