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But how quarterback too hard to find out how good in the last three years he has been below average for three seasons now i love that you swallowed the in that and just made it below average done live or tarred the by focal eyeglasses stu god's marcus marietta growing up right in front of our out our our eyes vcc don limits our show with they still god's on espn radio all right so this is the most popular thing that stu god's does it's the most popular things is the most popular thing the show does put it on the porgera at libertarian show to god's his weekend observations the most popular thing they showed i think it's the club i really do i think the club's most this is up there is up there people way the gather round they wait ford they're excited they'll stay in their cars if they're driving around ron macgill yep so here it is still got is weekend observations in east ii augusta sherry skin notes no one in the media will tell you what happened better than my voice who can't spell back without the eu de andrei hopkins still thank tom savage is a better quarterback then to sharm watson la rams clicking on all cylinders rams eagles nfc conference title game collision course jeff fisher with that team went foreign twelve the buccaneers more like the suck in ears ho i've been watching football for a long time at upsala nya that was the worst set of one o'clock games in the history of the nfl.

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