Rudy Giuliani, John Decker, Biden discussed on AM Tampa Bay


On the veterans expressway south bound between Gunn highway the Courtney Campbell causeway I do seventy five north bound very slow coming off our Franklin bridge in the west shore and two seventy five southbound slows down between Fletcher in Hillsboro if you have an updated eight forty K. long as radio WFLA a cloudy day but also breezy and cool high of only seventy one degrees it's fifty five degrees said news radio WFLA Democrats are putting up key witnesses and the impeachment hearing on display for the entire world to see and for people to judge for themselves to kick off the public face of the impeachment inquiry Democrats have selected ambassador bill Taylor in senior state department official George can't to testify the goal according to a democratic aide is to let the pair tell their stories laying out a time line of the president's alleged wrong doings including bribery and extortion in closed door depositions ambassador Taylor told lawmakers his understanding was that security assistance money would not come until the president of Ukraine committed to pursuing the investigation and George can't who oversees Ukraine policy testified that he believed those investigations were the ones that Rudy Giuliani had been tweeting about meeting Biden Burry small in twenty sixteen but Republicans plan to drill down on how those conclusions are based on the two men's perceptions and not on anything the president himself said they're attorney reporting meanwhile president trump has an event of his own in Washington today he's hosting the Turkish president at the oval office ahead of a visit by president to one a bipartisan group of seventeen house lawmakers sent a letter to the White House urging president trump to dis invite his Turkish counterpart citing Turkey's invasion of northern Syria last month and Turkey's purchase of the Russian made as four hundred missile system last month the house overwhelmingly condemned the US pullout from northern Syria and the Turkish military campaign against Kurdish forces the U. S. partnered with in the fight against ISIS the sides the meeting in the oval office both presidents are expected to take questions during a joint press conference this afternoon at the White House John decker fox news much of the country.

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