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Cumulus station where washington comes to talk to you liverpool male music 430 owing more real leaf another day another round of threats made against schools in our area prince george's county police chief hans who wins he talked taking the social media this afternoon to discuss the one against crossline hi i've talked to the superintendent and i've talked to her attorney weird agreement that this is a grave threat that has been made against the safety of our young people and that is our number one priority so we will be vigorously prosecuting this matter you can watch the cheese full statement of wmal dot com also today police in anna rundle county say a ninthgrade student has been arrested and charged with phoning in a threat against broad neck high school the dc council is looking to bring in mayor mariel bells her to testify under oath as more questions come up surrounding the departure of dc public schools chancellor ends one wilson in announcing dcp cps chancellor antoine wilson's resignation did was flouting of school lottery rules mayor murio bowser said when i learned about it it was win the inspector general said that he was started investigations wilson now tells the washington post that's not true he says he told bazzar about his daughters transfer months ago what did keno and wendy gino it if he operative question dc political strategist chuck fees was close ties to former bows reported vince gray says it wouldn't be the first time bowser failed to act two of her top official cheated the cool lottery he found out about it in february the 2017 but did nothing about it until may of 2017 steve burns on wbal in wbalcom president trump welcoming the prime minister of sweden to the white house today in the president was asked about north korea's apparent willingness to discuss their nuclear programme and said he hopes of rogue regime means what they say hey i think that they are sincere but i think they are sincere also because these sanctions and what we're doing with respect to north korea including the great help that we've been given from china fairfax county police say.

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