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Kinda curious. This is like a chicken or the egg question like are we expecting our snacks to be good for us. Because we're actually treating snacks as meals or treating snacks as meals and then wanting them to be good for us i would say that. There's two things you saw in twenty twenty the rise of stalin snacks to the point that cereal companies that have been in decline for like the past decade. There were like oh my god. How do we mitigate with this demand in our cereals and it was because millennial in particular we're looking for nostalgic snacks to bring comfort and at the same time we're the generation of group affiliation of of snacks. And so i can only tell you that it's both things simultaneously in thought makes. Yeah we don't know how to eat you know like i. I don't think. I took any nutrition type of class in school. You know i had to take texas's rage wise nobody ever told me what eventual was and begs. No talk come on not in school but my muscular you grew up in texas doesn't mean you think there was some murkiness we yeah so now looking for the snacks to tell us they're good for us. And like when. I talk to the dietitian vanessa rosetto earlier. This year was like people. Don't go to dietitians. They think of it as a specialized kind of doctor. A dietitian can help you figure out how to eat but instead of going in those directions. We're being told how to eat so we're like. What does the package say. Oh this is of anti idea. What antioxidant wants for so many years. That i was like giving the host antioxidants. Yeah and i think we've now moved from antioxidant to adapt to gin and now even to new traffic. I would say like adoption are adopted starting to enter mainstream. I wouldn't be surprised if trader joe's was billing thing as adopted janek at this point tropics. It's already done smart water smart water. This march released adapted gen smart water. So what does new traffic me. So yeah new tropic. I think is a little more like two point. Oh andrew do you wanna talk about. Yeah i'll talk about boats. So i liked to explain to. People knew tropics is about enhancing your mind in your focus so your attention and adopted are about helping your body cope with stressors and i joke that everything has a neutral and adopt agenda. It's like i came up with this term functional on winding these things are basically telling us to do two things at once which is like whenever i see a beverage that has new tropics and adopt agenda. It's like attention fit like relaxed at the same time. And so i started calling like wow. There's this new. Category unfunctional functional unwinding. not jittery. Not hyped up not too relaxed. It's like both things at the same time. So new tropic is like that bradley cooper movie right limitless. That's that's like what new tropics are. Caffeine is tropic. People need to know that that's how popular it is caffeine tropic. Yeah gotta reminds me of amanda your favorite drink. Which is the coffee tequila. Don't tell people about like really embarrassing like yeah preferably like bodega coffee. Cheap tequila oh god and we should also point out at least as far as i know. I don't know about new tropics but adapt degen's are tend to be herbs that have also been used for centuries and other cultures a lot in traditional chinese medicine and in indian food and medicine so we are kind of extracting similar to cannabis. And how cbd in all of these other and elements of this whole ingredient are getting extracted and additives in our everyday foods. Which i think is a little bit scary in a way. Kind of a little like saifi dystopia future like we're moving away from this whole foods idea and now we're just infusing everything with wellness. Yeah when i tell you there is not adopted. Genyk energy drink called ruth that is being targeted towards gamers. And it's like yeah. We even have a vitamin that protects your eyes from like beulah from screaming on like what the gop bags of like. I gotta try weight. We've we've come so far because my brothers gamer. And when we were kids they used to buy this drink at think at best buy called balls like bright blue super caffeinated and that was the game gamer. Drink of now that we've moved back come as a society. Oh it's the millennial legacy i'm telling you. We should be proud. I'm not sure if. I want this to be our legacy. Are you kidding me. We're the generation that normalized riding in cars with strangers. I think we should be great. Segue so i want to hop back into the grocery aisle for a second. Say we're at a whole foods are like anywhere really. How does the health conscious or wannabe health conscious consumer navigate the snack aisle when everything has this like health halo or this adapter jin's and the new tropics. I joke that. The typical guy is a snack boy and be. Oh i right yeah bhilai. I've got tags of people like at the actual aisles of hopeful. It's just gotten so insane. It doesn't even matter that you're package. Your can is pretty. There's just so many options out there. And i've literally been todd like snapshot shaw. Please help. I feel overwhelmed about makes sense. But i'm thinking about your questions like someone standing in the snack aisle trying to find you know the one that views like that should not be mission in the snap out of the grocery store. That is the place where you'd pick. Whatever looks good in have a good time. Like you're playing around your trying something new but i've been trying to simplify my snacking to be or a fruit because we know that that doesn't have a million ingredients in it so that's as pure as you can go. That is not as fun. And you can't make a tiktok video unloading your fridge. Full kind of browned grapes. I think it's right to like just question. The question like why are we even looking for that in the snack aisle. Can we just let saxby snacks. What's in a snack. It's a much rounder. Saying to grand for this podcast. Well i think that's a good place to wrap up. We've really gone way deeper into this light subject than i ever expected me. Would i love it. Thank you both for joining me and andrea final question. What can we expect from you. And from snapshot down the line alternate goal is to be able to write a book about millennials in our relationship to snacks and how that ultimately led to the complication of wellness. That we see now in how that just stems from a disconnect to what really nurtures laws and so hopefully. I'll be able to do that. And i wanna start a fund in latin america. A lot of kids sell snacks on the streets to make a living. And i would love to be able to contribute in a way of getting these kids out of the streets and helping them. How a better opportunity at life. Yeah that's amazing. I have no doubt that you will get there. That sounds like such an amazing project and also that is a book that i one hundred twelve percent want to read but i again encouraged everyone to subscribe to snapshot the newsletter. Joined the discord. Get into the snack. What do we call it. The cult of the international cropper snacking the cultist snack of snack and follow bags on all platforms and read everything. She writes for just a bunch of snack calls. You know business. Thanks for listening to another episode of the healthiest podcast..

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