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Afternoon. I've had thirst and we're talking about re naming things that have been named in honor of someone. And you know the reason this comes up. There's two reasons. One is because the Cleveland Indians are changing their name. They're going to stop calling themselves the Indians. Um, I support that I supported when the Redskins took that name away. Although I will tell you this. One of the things we have to be concerned about is the sensitivity of people are offended by this. There was a survey done. I don't know how many surveys were done. But the most recent survey that was done Of people of Native American heritage over 90% said that they were not offended by that term. Um there are schools Native American schools, whose teams Call the Redskins. The Redskins, according to my former guest, who was here. He told me that they used to paint themselves with a red dye before going out into battle. And that's why they call themselves Redskins. Then again. There's no question that it was used as a horrible, hateful epithet by white people in this country that it was akin to calling someone a savage. That they were below human, you know, So you have to weigh those two things out. And I think you know I've of course I'm I'm white. But I I'm offended by that term. I don't like that term. I was glad they dropped that term. And I think that a certain sensitivity is important. When you're talking about people like George Washington, and you're talking about a Franklin Roosevelt and you're talking about Abraham Lincoln. I have very different perspectives on that Sir Francis Drake Boulevard in Marin County. One of the major thoroughfares there. Yeah, sir Francis Drake was a slave trader. Of course, it should be renamed Drake High School. Of course that should be renamed. Because that is who that person Woz When you're talking about some of these other individuals, there are complexities that have to be taken into consideration because nobody's perfect every single person. Is flawed. 80 88 10 is the telephone number eight oa oa 10. We're gonna begin with Jack calling from San Leandro Jack. Hi. Welcome to kg own. Thanks for holding on Hello. Hi, Jack. You're on the air. What? This exact Justin job. Oh, I'm sorry. John John in San Leandro. Hi. Right. How you doing that? I'm doing something. You wanna say that? Yeah. I just want to say that now, after you understand, I can understand your position. But what the way I see it like this. Okay, Let's talk about George Washington first. Okay, Okay. We have drug blocks. You're halfway to do all this, but these very black people. He's very slaves helped American healthy White George watching Wednesday independence Yes. Soon as they got their independence. They do everybody every black person back in this land. Lee, we fight for your independence, but we don't keep us away. Okay. Were you talking about Rose? Well, you said you didn't want to do when you said Martin Luther King with the perfect not Mr King wasn't perfect, but he was the perfect to his wife. He wasn't He didn't do that to a group of people. He didn't do that every black person of the confidence, even the great every white person of the top of it. These guys have George Washington. Well, every president system always to Abraham Lincoln and the couple of more after Abraham Lincoln. All these guys and there's one more thing there's one more favor. Okay, if you look at Hitler and his top echelon All of them didn't hate June's couple that was married to do. I don't love you didn't hate you. So we name which we name something that well, he was Hitler. He was a guy, but he hated Jews are the years he has just hate Jews, So I think we should be honored. Really, you know, really? Of course, Of course, of course up because they were they were participants in in the genocide. They were participants participants in allowing Hitler to remain in power. Pardon me, George Ross. What was George Washington? Well, let me tell you a couple things about George Washington because again, it's complicated. George Washington. Not complicated. You know, he did it or he didn't. Even range on our side. Okay. Are you saying things there? Either He enslaving people, or he didn't is that? Is that the question? Not only that he is right people, but he used the very people that he has strayed to help him win in the dependence going back in the slavery. You know you said you justify you could justify them. You'll find some reason. Some logic just say Okay, Well, he does this. That was a bad thing. But he was the father of our country, but had the father of my fucking used news the very people that he had dressed to want me Father. Other copies as this con trick. I just disagree with you that I love you. I just disagree with you on this one. You know what? I'm doing Everything I can. I am fine with that. But I think, but this discussion is the important discussion. The fact that we talk about this because George Washington's history's complicated the same way. Abraham Lincoln's history is complicated. George Washington wasn't just the father of our country. He was the leading general. Who actually was responsible for the entire nation being established. He was the person who stepped down after having served as president for two terms because he wanted us to understand the importance of the peaceful transition of power, which has been threatened. This year. George Washington was on amazing man. Who did enslave people. And yet George Washington also went through some changes George Washington in his will, and that's that I get it. It's after he died, but George Washington in his will released his slaves, and Martha was to release her slaves at the time that she died to free them to free those slaves at the same time. George Washington spent a whole lot of time and manpower going after a woman who was a runaway slave to bring her back into slavery. So, Yeah, it's a complicated, difficult history. Slavery was a reality that existed and most of the founding fathers were participants in that horror that evil that existed. And a lot of people were participants in that horror. As I said, Sir Francis Drake was a slave trader. You know, he brought them from Africa who was selling them in Africa..

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