Supreme Court Rules that States can now require Online Retailers to Collect Sales Tax


The us supreme court overturning decades of president when it comes to whether states can collect taxes on retailers without physical stores in their state here's abc's mark remillard decision paves the way for states to collect sales tax from retailers even if they don't have physical locations in their state possibly putting online retailers on the hook for collecting those taxes jessica lujan with competitive enterprise institute doesn't like the ruling says it could mean online sellers big and small have to comply with hundreds possibly thousands of different tax laws across multiple states congress has got to do something or else these states are going to tax internet to death states meanwhile argue online retailers have an uneven playing field compared to brick and mortar stores states also stand to bring in billions in tax revenue mark remillard abc news the state department confirms another us embassy worker has been affected by mysterious health symptoms and cuba bringing the total number sick and they're to twentyfive abc's connor finnegan with details from the state department official tells abc news this latest incident happened in may another diplomat matt experiencing symptoms like headaches memory loss even mild traumatic brain injury a second employee was also evacuated this month but they are still under evaluation similar incidents have affected diplomats in guangzhou china to the state department has expressed its concern with both governments both governments have pledged their cooperation with spokesperson heather nauert says they still have no leads connor fenian abc news the state department this is abc news komo aaa traffic every ten minutes on the fours in the tukwila area northbound i five at state route five nine nine we have a collision that is blocking the hov lane state patrol has arrived on the scene and we do have some roadwork going on on the east side southbound four zero five we have a couple of lanes closed between coal creek coal creek boulevard and lock lake washington boulevard and in tacoma southbound i five left lane closed for roadwork just south of the puyallup river bridge and your next report is on.

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