Paul McCartney Releases New LP 'Egypt Station'


Jj fdr here are the dj program detainment item number one is the continuing focus on what's abc going to do now with darlene conner and the spin off from roseanne apparently yesterday the folks that are producing this program or produce the old program have told john goodman and larry metcalf that they are going to have a new show they will receive two hundred fifty thousand dollars an episode as was negotiated for the second season of the revival of roseanne i'd say that means they're going to have a revival of or i don't know how do they what do they call it a spin off of over whatever it is there is big money because the roseanne show proved to be the number one show the season for abc not only the number one show new show but the number one show ratings wise so they you know roseanne screwed everybody including yourself with this wanted just it'll be interesting to see if she'll sign off and allow them to do it they won't do what they've told her she cannot profit from it way if she profits from it then you're going to still have sponsors pulling out of the project even if she's not in it so is she going to issue going to swallow pride go on without her or is going to make a stink that'll be interesting part to figure she says she's going to just walk away so they'd be really easy to kill her i if they wanted to just keep it roseanne they could actually just get rid of her because the last episode had her going in for knee surgery and well it's likely to die usually from knee replacement surgery you know wrong right right complications okay twentyfive after the hour speaking of things wrong yesterday we're trying to figure out what happened to paul mccartney's new singles that was supposed to be out and they weren't but they are now for everyone to enjoy seventeenth studio album is being released called egypt station that's in september the album he named after one of his original paintings as new singles we talked about i don't know and come on to me and so that's where we have playing in the background here let's see what we think discipline's i dunno it's not my favorite i like the other one a little bit better sure why don't we play i wanted to give you a chance listen to i haven't heard them either dr pretty standard retarded max june right winning or the other yes come on.

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