National Enquirer publisher reportedly subpoenaed as part of Michael Cohen probe


From the wbz newsroom this is wbz news seventy three degrees under partly cloudy skies i'm tim weisburg wb sm news president trump is putting a stop to the family separation practice at the us mexican border trump signed an executive order today temporarily ending the policy of separating migrant children from their parents that directive allows children to remain with their parents and illegal immigration detention centres federal investigators are demanding information from the publisher of the national enquirer as part of their investigation into president trump's lawyer michael cohen the wall street journal reports thirties issued a subpoena to american media inc asking for details about its payment to former playboy model who claims she had an affair with trump the enquirer reportedly paid cowan mcdougal one hundred and fifty thousand dollars for her story but never published it they probe is looking to determine whether there was an effort to suppress negative stories about trump ahead of the two thousand sixteen election the attorney for new bedford city councillor brian gome says a bombshell complaint detailed by a boston publication has nothing to do with his client the article published yesterday provided details of a complaint filed with a mass commission on against discrimination that alleged numerous employees at saint luke's hospital were guilty of inappropriately touching sedated patients as they waited surgery attorney george leeann tire says the complaint is separate from one made specifically against gomez in two thousand seventeen that ultimately resulted in his termination after twenty nine years with saint luke's leeann tires suggests south coast health fired gomes's they sort of sacrificial lamb deter from the new allegations by firing brian peddling e complaint that this activity would never see the light of day what they didn't count on was bryant wasn't gonna take this lying down has filed a one point five million dollar wrongful termination suit against south coast health saying they only fired him to appease disgruntled worker after an internal investigation cleared him of any wrongdoing and dartmouth police are investigating an incident and the dartmouth mall parking lot last night in which a motor vehicle struck a woman and her young son at seven nineteen pm last night police responded to the mall parking lot to investigate a motor vehicle versus pedestrian crash upon arrival it was determined eight twenty seven year old female pedestrian from providence rhode island and her eight year old son had been struck by twenty eleven mitsubishi outlander operated by fiftythreeyearold lakeville woman as a result of the crash both the woman and her son were transported to rhode island hospital to be treated for nonlife threatening injuries no charges have yet been filed in the crash remains under investigation news time now six thirty two and w cbs sports the red sox take on the twins again tonight in minnesota first pitch at eight ten with pre game on wbz.

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