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And eli called 5042601870 text eight seventy eight seventy now live to timoteo at the twenty second annual manning passing academy here's the saints all time leading rusher deuce mcallister with sideline reporter and our resident marine christian gary off and running here our to live from nicholls state university manning passing academy deuce mcallister kristian garic getting ready to watch some seven on seven guys going through some some routes if you want to do walk listener through as to what we're looking at right now yeah well one of the first things that they did they broke up into three three different groups and each group is far as the quarterbacks and receivers they will working on different situation so the group closest to us it was gold line situation so throw into the pylon having defender in your face being able to roll out and throwing to the upper goalposts in so you know those are all at these guys will have to have to make an it's interesting just to be able to see them run we saw some of the guys running a deep out and you know those those are things as quarterbacks it's gotta be timing and you can get away with it in college you know saw a couple of quarterbacks they were waiting until the receiver you know he he he's topping his steps he's breaking down and then he's leading it go that's too late in the nfl that's an inception oh it's at least an incomplete so to be able to speed up that's what they're going to have to do and right now what you have is just go routes and they're they're basically telling them throw it to a spot regardless of the receiver this is where i want you to throw it if thrown to a spot so it's pretty good work that these receivers and quarterbacks are getting.

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