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Live and local on wwl call 5042601870 or text eight seventy eight seventy going to geek out on some prep football around the state top programs programs on the rise teams look out for nobody better to talk about an alum odell co host the wd bill stay sugarbowl prep football roundup and of course in studio here hawa high school head football coach nick salter maggio alyona coach as well hey hey thanks for having a you bet so hey if we start to look at the you know the select nonsense regardless right now in your estimation allen regardless of class who's the best football team in the state oh man at the gates with a cell phone fired out i'll tell you i i know a team that coach salts all very well a year ago is accurate i think zachary is a program that's just seriously on the rise i mean what are you doing the last few years came ever on a quarterback because brewer ten does such a great job over there i mean it's very hard for me to pick against anybody comes to actually also if you go to the select side university high i mean look what they did a year ago look at their their resume who they beat i thought they were style was the best team i saw live all year you high dismantle those guys you're going to have a lot of returners so for me i'd say going into the year best teams for me zachary and university high again a couple of nominations here not this one might be might be to of the guy sitting across my desk and high school kind of programs are going to be this year got a great back in the gosh that's the importance of having a great back and what he had a year ago turnaround and hannah that god wants to tom and win a lot of football games and i think that that's going to be you know the keita today strahan this year they're gonna handle john emory and getting the ball in space and you know he was linked up last year and i was at that game i should've autodesk awesome game honda came out on top and i just kind of quarterback points industrial get i think is gonna be the question i have if if they get good quarterback play they have a return to their i think they have a chance to be be right back in the thick of things that the year coach no i mean i still it's hard for me to bet against john curtis i it's just really is i mean coach j t his staff is family they have great players year in year out i i do agree with you.

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