This time, the joke’s on Roseanne /


In one culture i heard your responses to what roseanne did but i think that we asked dan behind her way to do as obnoxious as us and i think that his tweet was more of a warning because ballarat jared is the muslim brotherhood pointed handler and michelle obama joe the bottom line is she's not roseanne barr hasn't gone anywhere she said she quit twitter yesterday morning and she's back with a vengeance she's not shed gone anywhere you're if you want to defend her right to send vile tweets out she's she's still tweeting away you know but but you also can't tell abc they can make a business decision to say we're gonna lose all of our advertisers we're gonna lose our fannies on this we're going to have to pull the plug on the show that's their that's their prerogative they can they can there's no there's no right that abc has to carry the roseanne show and and you know and they did this as you know if you're journalists at great economic peril they were making a fortune on that show so but i think that it's about something much bigger than that i think that rosanna was actually warning us i want to know valerie jarrett is not been more of a sadistic there in our government and most americans don't even know and

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