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Wants to reform the world trading system is not working and there's so much unfair trading and illegal trading practices there's virtually no reciprocity here could lau's remarks came after finance ministers from the group of seven industrialized countries held talks in canada this weekend finance ministers say they're outraged over the new tariffs and are threatening to take decisive action north korea's official state media says syria's president is planning to visit pyongyang npr's shannon van sant reports the official korean central news agency does not say when the visit would be and syria isn't commenting the report follows several meetings between north korean leader kim jong and other heads of state over the past few months kim has met with the president of china and south korea and on june twelfth he is set to sit down with president trump in singapore but if bush are alassad does travel to north korea it would be the first state visit to the regime since kim took power in twenty eleven north korea and syria have been allies for decades earlier this year the un accused north korea of helping syria develop its chemical weapons programs shannon van sant npr news washington emergency crews are airlifting people trapped by fast moving lava from killilea volcano on hawaii's big island jackie young from hawaii public radio reports search and rescue missions or being conducted in isolated areas today emergency crews are working to extract residence after a large half mile wide active lava flow closed all access to the community and the vacation land subdivision civil is instructing residents in those areas who ignored mandatory evacuation orders to get to designated landing zones of a state senator kaiga heli said during an overflight on saturday evening that he witnessed trap residence the active lava flow was so hot it evaporated all the water in the centuries old green lakes the largest freshwater lake in the islands lightweight volcanic glass known as pele's hair named after the goddess of fire and hazardous gases continue to be health threats for npr news i'm jackie young in honolulu a massive wildfire in new mexico is spreading firefighters are working to contain the youth park fire which is burned nearly fifty square miles severe thunderstorms are expected with high winds if issues say that may help in the short term but worn hot dry and windy conditions are expected to return you're listening to npr news.

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