Chicago violence: Dozens shot in the city over the weekend


New police academy wbz m's nancy hardy reports sophie whitney alex wind both from parkland protested at city hall with about two dozen members of march for our lives good kids mad city and other groups opposed to the police academy more police isn't gonna fix the problem what's going to fix the problem is giving these kids the resources but they need to to be kids and have a childhood in grow up to have a good life taylor norwood of would says the money earmarked for the academy could be spent in a number of ways to help young people living in neighborhoods that see gun violence regularly the ninety million going into mental health centers schools places for us to understand where we come from understand ourselves understand the trauma that we're going to mansi hardy newsradio on one zero five point nine fm chicago police officials say the past weekend was a violent one with gang activity behind most of the shootings is wbz and political editor craig delamore police superintendent eddie johnson says of the twentyfive shooting incidents officers responded to this weekend determine the twentyone had some connection to gang conflict a few of the victims were high ranking members of gang organizations which points to hide conflicts that are taking place especially within one gang organization in particular which he didn't name johnson says investigators have leads in a number of cases and know what conflict sparked some incidents but he says victims who survived were not cooperating with police and he's asking the public's health is friday officers have taken sixty three guns off the streets and thirty eight individuals have been arrested on gun related charges he's ordering more officers and resources into.

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