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The. Hi, I'm calling your host of the good news podcasts and I'm Neil. The other host. The good news podcast is your source for good news, fun stories, auditory delight and sonic joy, or bringing all of this goodness to you from the cards against humanity studios in Chicago. This episode is a little bit of a departure from our standard fare. Colleen would. Would you say that's true? Yeah, we're trying something different. We're trying something different. And the whole reason we're doing this episode is because Colleen thinks that I would be into a certain type of music, but I'm probably into more or less the opposite. Yeah. Yeah. I profile you as you know, you like a little Dave Matthews arrested route, maybe now this may not make many friends, but I just can't stand Dave Matthews band. I think it is the worst music that has been made. I think it will make you more friends than you think. Okay. Good. Especially in Chicago because Dave Matthews band, his tour bus dumped a load of actual human feces onto a tour boat in the Chicago river. I remember that. Yeah, never never ago. The music that I'm into evolves, it changes. I, I think that's true for everyone. My favorite band of all time is a pair of French deejays called daft punk dad Bank. Right. We've talked about this before. We've shared one of your favorite daft punk songs before. Yep. Love that. So right now, the phase that I'm in is like funk, inspired electric Atari. Like sixty seventies eighties, steely Dan no-no, like actual funk, like earth, wind and fire like that sort of music inspires musicians today, right? So let's see. I'll play a couple of tracks here. So this is a a duo called tuxedo. Yes. So I think it's so fun. What sort of things you doing when you're listening to this? I mean, are you feel like you're clean the house, you're doing some gardening, but it's going on for me. This is all all time music all the time all the time I as you know, again, as we've talked about on the podcast, I ride my bike with the speaker. I know you do and I love that. So you can hear me come in Vermeil away, so that's tuxedo love tuxedo. They're great so far from DMV. I couldn't. I couldn't think of a news style more opposite than Dave. I pegged all wrong way wrong. Okay. Moving onto chrome, yo a little more electron Icke. They're described as electro funk. Oh, so you're still saying in the funk, definitely this funk mood that you're in right now, or are you a consistent funk cat. I'll be consistent funk head for the for the rest of my life. The song that chromium has just recently released. Okay. Is so my jam. What's the name. This goes all the way back to the beginning when hang that death punk a pair of French DJ's current probably top obsession is a French DJ nee who goes by the stage name break bat break bat. Okay, break. Check him out. So good. So this to me sounds updated funk. That's what this sounds very modern kind of like soul. Funk. Yeah, that feels a little more updated, too. Definitely. Yeah. Yeah. So all of these feel like a little funky a little guitar, a little piano. So you when you listen to music, are you listening to Leyritz and trying to determine meaning or you listen to the beat and it's like a movement body thing? Well, yeah. I guess the music is way more important to me than the lyrics. Catchy lyrics are helpful, but I'm all about the music. Oh, see, I'm the opposite of lyrics. Yes. The most. Thanks for listening. Do you have good news? Awesome, or maybe wanna tell us a joke or idea. That's amazing. Email us at good news at cards against humanity dot com or leave his voice mail. Seven, seven, three, two one, seven, zero one, five, six. You can also tweet us at the good news pod, and if you love the good news podcast reviews on items, we'd appreciate it. Most of our music is by putting there same place same time tomorrow.

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