Earl Thomas to skip Seattle Seahawks mandatory minicamp over contract situation


Through the front doors of us know homeless county high school earlier today hamas county sheriff's office says a male driver drove his truck through the doors of glacier peak high school just before noon young man in eighteen year old man was waiting for his girlfriend at the school when she showed up at the school he accelerated rapidly towards the school collided into the doors were estimated speed between fifty and sixty miles per hour lieutenant scott robertson says the girlfriend checked on the driver who suffered minor injuries and was taken to providence regional medical center in everett authorities are looking into whether the driver was under the influence seattle seahawks earl thomas announced on twitter today that he won't be attending the upcoming mandatory minicamp this week until his contract is resolved news broke the news may come some flashbacks to two thousand fifteen when kam chancellor held out for a better contract himself that went two weeks into the regular season but cairo's radios g scott says as he feels thomas holdout could have a different ending or the only difference is is i don't think role is gonna come back i wonder if the seahawks will make a trade soul they don't have a distraction over this whole thing thomas is entering the final year of his fouryear forty million dollar contract extension he signed in twenty fifteen sound transit is moving forward with the northgate to lynnwood extension for their s t to project but they wanna give the public a preview kiro seven reports sound transit will be hosting three open houses that allow people to take a look at four stations opening in shoreline mountlake terrace and lynnwood this will be the.

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