Jenna Dewan Posts Lingerie-Clad Pic to Instagram -- and Channing Tatum 'Likes' It


Reason that he's back on he's been offering people advice on life and how they can maintain their creativity he i tweeted people should look at their phones or go on the internet for the first hour they're awake but they should enjoy their own imaginations instead he also suggested people follow their own ideas if they don't love what they're doing they should stop as soon as possible he then told his followers oh by the way this is my book that i'm writing in real time no publisher or publicists will tell me what to put where or how many pages to write this is not a financial opportunity this is an innate need to be expressive and he said he's going to continue to work in his book when he feels like it it's been a few weeks since i broke it to you that jenna dewan and channing tatum are getting divorced people are still hurt by this one and so yesterday fans were freaking out over jenas instagram when she removed the last name tatum from her profile name around the same time this is very interesting she posted this very sexy lingerie photo of herself in bed holding a cup of coffee a photo which for the record channing tatum wiped it was after that lake that she dropped the tatum kelly clarkson still defending how she disciplines her two little ones do think that.

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