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Any other president i dealt with but i can't it's possible thinking back to his time as a prosecutor investigating the gambino crime family komi compares donald trump to a mob boss is the distinction between a friend of yours and a friend of ours i felt this effort to make us all maybe this wasn't their intention but it's the way it felt to me to make us all economic stra we're all part of the messaging we're all part of the effort the bosses at the head of the table we're going to figure out together how to do this abc's chief anchor george stephanopoulos with that sit down interview with james komi senator john mccain hospitalized in phoenix mccain was admitted to the mayo clinic in phoenix on sunday according to his office he underwent surgery to treat an intestinal infection his team says mccain is in stable condition in recent months he's been trying to recover from treatment for brain cancer his team saying he's been participating in physical therapy and has remained engaged in his senate work alex stone abc news as an emmy nominated nine thousand nine hundred eighty sitcom star has died hollywood is mourning the death of night court star harry anderson for nine seasons he starred as the magic loving judge harry t stone on the eighty sitcom nabbing three emmy nominations over for a grand jury he also starred in the nineties comedy dave's world playing writer dave berry police in asheville north carolina say anderson died at his home no foul play suspected harry anderson was sixty five jason nathanson abc news hollywood roderick i goes chopper up and another run crosses at it is six to nothing and billy hamilton with his third rbi of the night they put castio and motion and hamilton hit up the middle goslin easily scores and the hits just keep on coming for the reds team along with the run production news radio seven hundred wwl sports here's a reds update billy hamilton drove in two runs in the red snap their eight game losing streak last night whipping the brewers at miller park ten to four the reds win for just the third time in sixteen games this season cincinnati puts the game away with a six run sixth inning outburst louise castio earns the win.

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