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And russell westbrook or a selfless point guard lonzo ball well i think i would say this la right now is unproven but if i said what are the lakers right now used to other young and they're getting better and they're fun everybody likes their coach right now okay see is nobody's quite sure if billy donovan's the right coach westbrook can be difficult to play with the kind of trap with carmelo anthony's contract if i could go either way just take money out of it the brand of o'casey right now is westbrook's tough mellows contract is the abyss and i'm not sure the coaches right they can't get out of the first round of the play the lakers now got rid of mas gov the bad contracts done you can stretch luau dang contracts so it's like young love the coach right players growing and by the way it's los angeles if you just took the money out i i would absolutely not even a question he be announcing it now the money becomes mm so generational that to me is the sticking quick reminder russell westbrook took forty three shots in that game six day all right we'll wrap up here with since it's my show here today i'm new york jets come on sam darnold is going to have every opportunity to win the starting job according to the jets gm colin i just wanna go on record i would not start sam darnold for the first half of the season he's only twenty years old right now it's going to be twenty one in juneau start bridgewater start mccown there is no need to rush sam darnold he'll be starting next year your thoughts well something that's underplayed here baker mayfield's like twenty three hundred twenty three and april yeah sam's twenty we haven't even seen if stem would have gone to college we haven't even seen the best of them is college player baker mayfield eight significantly older player when you're fifty the difference between fifty three and fifty there is no difference you got your habits the difference between a twelve year old kid and a fifteen year old kid.

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