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It's something that always makes me approach this history where early is that there is a kind of what if quality to it what if martin luther king wasn't sassa if bobby kennedy wasn't as acid and and i'm not sure what to do with that because the fact is they were and and and also if bobby kennedy wasn't as needed we don't know that he would have become president in nineteen what it would have done yeah right even king like who knows what the future would have held i do think though that the exercise of imagining you know a world with bobby kennedy rather than without it is is a worthwhile one and that's because we shouldn't just take what's given to us we should actually think about because what you do during that exercise is you imagine you know you deeply think about the political understandings and the political proclivities of these people and you imagine how they should play out so rather than like just watching democracy happen that means you're thinking about it you're thinking about how what would it kennedy administration the cow could that have been different from nixon administration the other thing is you certainly see people are so despondent you know and you see the convention of nineteen sixty eight is just a holy mess i mean it is so the violent in the protests the riots you know we certainly know that wouldn't have happened right so you know what if is i i'm kind of with you in the what if is is frustrating but i think if it causes you to more deeply consider what came before that that probably is worthwhile that's worth doing or maybe that we don't have to settle for what we have we don't have to settle for what we have and we have to be part of what we're going to get you know you can't just count on somebody else to save you you've actually got to continue to participate you know the other thing is it took a long time but we did recover from that tumultuous time and you know i think many people are feeling like pulling the covers over their heads still today and.

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