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Yeah so we we were approached by a team who was interested in working with pulse rate and they were interested because i had done are may they thought you know you're interested in the rights of the accused hans their hand is still alive he's imprisoned in california he's been denied parole you know one thing people should understand is the standard for denying people parole is whether you are danger to the community so if you look at that standard you know seventy something year olds or hanser him is he really a danger to the community that's supposed to be the standard and yet every time he comes up for parole the question is this was a really terrible crime and have you taken responsibility for the crime of legal standard so you know we should either change the standard or we should apply it you could question the standard but you should apply fairly so so i was interested in that but i'm not a conspiracy person so what i did is i hired of an investigative journalist and she lauren caps she's fantastic she's done like frontlines and faultlines and all of those shoes nancy drew girl detective so i was like go to the original files she went to la police department you know she went and went through all these files we have like all of these books including like eight binders that are a full transcript of the sirhan sirhan trial and you know we could not find evidence of a second gun that's not you know i would love to have been the person that could finally prove this but that's not what we found but what i did find was that his his trial was not what you would want for anyone that you loved so to me you know a few reviews have like she you know she believes there was a second gun i don't necessarily believe there's second gun i believe sir hans trial was not what one would want out of a just criminal justice system and i think that that is bring.

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