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John Cena opens up about Nikki Bella breakup on Today Show


You know it's amazing when you known the kid since he was in diapers the product in my loans if you will we know that boy is not a erin boa he's undoubtedly ladies and gentlemen and they killed the buffs up socially graduation kody thanks come on the show and folks have been very easy for me to name cody and his team young bucks and all the other great folks that are on their backing them up who had their back and what i thought no it's too obvious i could have easily then conrad thompson the slobber knocker the way connie my god your cheeks funeral and so full but that's too easy vic stars this week i'm going to give the darker the week or two maybe the bravest son of a gun that we've ever signed because there's no way in hell i know anybody that we've brought into ww with art our talent relations team the has more kahane's than john cena today show for he gave brutally honest takes on his relationship with nikki bella and man oh john was a lot more open than i whatever have the courage to be i'm just telling you and then she comes on and it's like because her side of the story for the cause are involved in the up fronts and all those things bella twins very marketable their stars but for john cena to have five minutes with the kathy lee and and hoda.

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