U.S. ex-defense intelligence officer held over alleged spying for China


Public radio it's all things considered now at four thirty it's all things considered from npr news i'm ari shapiro and mary louise kelley now that ireland has voted to legalize abortion will neighboring northern ireland follow it could be up to british leaders in london which upset some people who could be affected by the decision we need our schloss various woman and that's that may not as the bottom line that's ahead after news live from npr news in culver city california i'm to wayne brown fbi agents have arrested a former us intelligence officer for allegedly trying to spy on behalf of china as npr's ryan lucas tells us the retired army officer was taken into custody over the weekend fbi agents arrested ron rockwell hanson in seattle while he was on his way to board a flight to china hanson faces fifteen counts in all including acting as an unregistered foreign agent and attempting to provide national defense information to china the fifty eight year old retired from the us army with a background in intelligence he speaks fluent mandarin and russian and worked as a case officer for the defense intelligence agency for several years the government alleges in court papers that hanson provided defense secrets to chinese intelligence agents and also sold export controlled technology he allegedly received more than eight hundred thousand dollars in return hanson is at least the third former us intelligence officer in the past year to face espionage related charges involving china ryan lucas npr news washington president trump is defending its tough stance on trade negotiations with several us allies saying american farmers have been treated unfairly white house press secretary sarah sanders says despite threats of retaliation from new tariffs are rather on new tariffs on imported steel and aluminum relations with the countries targeted remains strong for minds the united states has had discussions with canada mexico in the eu to find an alternative without an alternative solution tariffs are the only measures appropriate to safeguard the country we have strong relations with mexico canada and the eu and we'll continue and the those will continue even though the tariffs are there the us commerce secretary has been negotiating with china to reduce its us trade deficit by buying more agricultural and energy products stocks finished higher on wall street led by a boost and tech and consumer companies shares today the dow rose one hundred seventy eight points or three quarters of a percent this is npr from kqedorg i'm.

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