Italy, President and Seoul Singapore discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe


Seems marcus everybody else's fault anyway let's talk about e you politics as well italy's new populist government faces its first big challenge before it can start overhauling eu rules this as it faces confidence votes in both houses of parliament as early as this week bloomberg's allesandro migliaccio has the latest well this i thought is likely to go smoothly as both parties have agreed on program in cabinet the slim majority in the senate may make futures much more nerve wracking as lawmakers spar over which of their expensive electoral promises should be kept i in rome alison bloomberg daybreak europe in corporate news buyer has said it will drop the monsanto name once it's completed its acquisition monsanto products will retain their brand names and become part of the buyer portfolio the german company also said it plans to complete the deal on thursday and microsoft has agreed to acquire gets hub the code repository company popular with many software developers and could announce the deal as soon as today it's understood that gets hub preferred selling the company to going public and chose microsoft partially because it was impressed by ceo southern adela gets was valued at two billion dollars back in twenty fifteen a spokesman for microsoft declined to comment get help didn't return and email seeking requests for comment either does your top stories for the latest in global news here's bloomberg's leon guarantee 'em good morning nara north korea will get relief from international sanctions anywhere it has shown irreversible news towards denuclearization defense secretary james mattis met counterparts from south korea and japan in singapore ahead of next week's potential summit bloomberg's peter pay has this report from seoul singapore track over the weekend after trump received a letter from the north korean leader since the war of words that almost a real severe expectations for historic somewhat trump conceding that north korea may not immediately agreed to give up its nuclear weapons in so peter paypal burke daybreak europe populace former prime minister has won slovenia's elections and campaign similar to its eastern neighbour italy where nationalist ultimately formed the government bloomberg's boroughs czerny explains his rivals are varying to block him from government that may be a pyrrhic victory for young as young as he's anti immigrant campaign united rival parties let's say have enough support to blocking from forming a government president board is set to give the.

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