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Doubts dried up when they discovered it was some sort of glitch in the turnpike toll system. It had prevented them from seeing records of the woman says on the highway. So they reportedly obtained surveillance video from the toll plaza and there it was the video, should the vehicle going through. Police also may have been dubious of her story because of shifting descriptions. The woman gave her attacker. In a TV interview. After the attack the victim said, the man instructed her to give a false ascriptin of him, hoping it would throw the police off his tail. He told her to tell the cops that he was short, that and black. Her kidnapper had a strategy to scare her even after he was gone. He had taken her driver's license. It had her home address. And he said he would come after her. If he ever saw his picture on the news. Fokker tones mayor at the time says that happened, but the victim had good reason to provide an alternate description. They were terrorized to the point where the perpetrator told them if you reveal any, you know. My description or you know, give the police, any clues. I'm I know where you live and I'm going to come back and I'm going to kill you. So naturally, you know that victim was absolutely terrorized. She then, you know, was not giving the the police department, the accurate information. So they were tracking down, you know, some false leads. Again, you know, quite understandably if it had been the case for, you know, me or my family member would have been the subject of that kind of terror. You know, we would have done the same thing. We had a the initial description which was like one hundred eighty degrees different than the ultimate description that was released and that you know is the outstanding description to this day. Abrahams who said he was getting updates from the police and city manager. At the time, said, the varying descriptions did prove to be an initial challenge in the case. And for them to be so different really set the police act little at first because of course everybody was on the lookout for someone who was an entirely different appearance than ultimately was the description of the actual perpetrator. The woman identified by police only as Jane Doe for her security got a call few months after her kidnapping. It was the Palm Beach county sheriff's office, and it was the first sign of her that police were starting to investigate all three mall tax together. When the sheriff's office phone Jane Doe, they tell her they're investigating the murder of Randy Gordon Berg back in March. They think that she might be able to help. There were many similarities in the three kidnappings from the Boca mall in two thousand seven. There are also differences. Some can be explained and some can't. All the victims strove SUV's with dark windows all were parked in the mall parking lot. Two of the kidnappings the victims were forced to drive to an ATM withdraw money from their accounts and return to the mall. Both attacks involve the woman, a young child. Victims driven back to the mall parking lot. But not. So in the case of Randy Gordon Burke. Who was alone and shot him pushed from the SUV a few miles from the mall. If it's the same attacker why didn't he have Randy Dr. to ATM and retrieve cash. Police say that would have been impossible.

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