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Okay up i is back that i got from pamela and hurmuz memorable episode was episode number thirty six the skin cancer episode where she learned about the difference between sunscreen and sunblock in ladies there is an important difference and in my interview with dr keller she explains the difference so if you have not listened to the skin cancer episode episode thirty six dial back a little bit it's just a few episodes back and listen to that one up next is meghan an meghan also took away information about some blocking sunscreen but she learned about thanks panties which were mentioned in episode number thirty the thinks episode she says that she specifically is going to buy some for her daughter as she approaches her first period so if you haven't listened to that episode and if you are a woman or a mother that might be one that you want to dial back in listen to number thirty the thinks episode going all the way back to episode number eleven is the all the episode and margaret reports that she learned about the mazing ness of all day and that is one of her favourite episodes of the podcast it features my interview with sally from real mom nutrition who is one of my favorite bloggers and admittedly is a superfan of the podcast and sally walks us through not only how she felt in love with all the but how she navigates shopping at all the to get the best healthy foods for her family and side note it is not a sponsored podcast none of the podcast topics here on the show are sponsored it is very clear in each episode what is a commercial and what is not so you can just know that our love of all the is genuine we were not being paid to share that with you lisa is at next in she reports that her favorite episode was the podcast on how to help.

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