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They're not letting anyone onto main street much like two years ago because they need to get the engineers in to make sure that these structures here are safe and once that is done they're going to put together a timetable for blooding folks get a look at their properties and things of that sort the man that is missing in edison herman he was last seen going into the water after four o'clock helping with rescues yesterday down along main street is the water was rushing down he was in the air force now a sergeant in the maryland national guard having seen all of this twenty two months ago and now less than two years later howard county executive alan kill them in like so many others here in historic elegant city this has taken him to the core it's hard for me to even understand how that's going to happen two years later but clearly this is worse than it was in july of points sixteen i want to make very clear to everybody this is worse we don't have all the details about all the rain amounts but there's no question the damage done as worse than wasn't playing sixteen and one of the reasons for that is where i am right now robert on elegant mills road that comes into mainstream right at the top of the hill is you would go down historic main street a huge twenty five foot hole is opened up that's where the tiber river goes under the road ripped it open it tore apart the historic courthouse that was standing here and then rips through a parking lot lot for a lot where a lot of folks park when they go to places like the judge's bench and it's been amazing robert in the last two hours more than a dozen vehicles and now the turt that

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