Will Power fills in major blank of his career with Indy 500 victory


I'm c j miller here's what's trending at eight oh two great megan toma black smoke out there and it's a pretty good size that's forest calling in from the west side into into the ninetythree wibc newsroom this morning and those trucks from the wayne township fire department on their way to help put out several homes on fire in brown's berg at least three homes inflames on james blair drive not far from west fifty second and raceway road in brown's berg the fire department says those homes are now outs and no one was hurt the end of danika patrick's racing career after crashing a lap sixty seven yesterday during the indy five hundred patrick says she was done i don't i don't really know exactly what happened obviously that's nothing you you're targeting so just came around on exit finish thirtieth but it was willpower whose face will be next to go on the borgwarner trophy kirk darling i just went for it and i got i got nothing left exhausted screaming willpower in victory lane after taking the checkered flag in the indianapolis five hundred he's the first australian ever to win the race it's also roger penske's seventeen five hundred win as a team owner teen wins i guess now you gotta worry about eighteen so i'm going to not look back there look forward we'll be back next year power is also the first driver ever to win both the indycar gp and the indy five hundred in the same month cart darling ninetythree wibc mobile news shot and killed while on the job police say a man working at the dollar general near fifty six than emerson on the northeast side of india was murdered during a robbery yesterday afternoon you could find the photos of the accused killer wibc dot com president trump calling him a hero now jason semen is out of the hospital and ready to talk about what happened friday at noblesville west middle school police say seaman saved the lives of students when a boy came into the school with two guns stephen tackle that boy to the ground but was hit three three times he's talking to the media this morning at nine o'clock thirteenyearold ella whistler is critical yet table after that shooting and four who's your service members who lost their lives this past year were remembered in washington dc this week you're being asked not only to remember.

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