Seattle Seahawks sign WR Brandon Marshall to 1-year deal

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It's an excellent question i have no closer to the answer the promise you that brandon marshall job oh yeah the thirty four year old wide receivers signing with the seattle seahawks tom pella cerro nfl network reported tuesday marshall broke the news on his instagram account posting a photo of himself skipping down the street in a seahawks shirt and this is going to be the thirteenth year for the wide receiver who really had a loss season in new york last year of season before that that was what the giants for for that with the jets was also a down year so wes seahawks need weapons brandon marshall in two thousand eighteen a weapon only theoretically nothing he's done on the football field the last two years suggest that he's going to be starting cal caliber wide receiver fact the giants went oh five with him in the lineup last year he averaged under nine yards per reception and took it took until the third week of the season before you had more more than receptions and i know he's being talked about as a red zone replacement for jimmy graham he's got three touchdowns on twenty red zone targets over the last two years jimmy graham has fifteen touchdowns on forty something targets it's an uphill battle to make the team i think i mean to make any team if he was looking for a team that he could wind up being started this is it they've tyler lockett doug baldwin and very little else amara darbeau i think they'd love to step up a third on pick from last year but not a lot of guys but just looking at the contract for instance it's two million dollars with incentives the minimum for a veteran of his age is about a million do the math he's basically getting about the minimum with no guarantees and he'll have to go make the team and just based on all the surgeries ad and how he looked last year i'm not so sure he will gets the cherry on top of one of the most suspect nfl offseasons league wide by the seahawks wow so you don't see this going anywhere i mean it didn't go anywhere last.

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