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As they arrive at joint base andrews president trump says he appreciates kim jong un for releasing three american detainees one held in a north korean prison nearly a thousand days president trump will be at the airport steps to greet the men when they arrived before dawn thursday he's optimistic he and kim can make a peace deal andy field abc news washington defense secretary james mattis defending president trump's decision to pull the us out of the iran nuclear deal at wednesday's senate appropriations committee hearing saying that he could not affirm that iran was keeping its end of the bargain we have walked away from the jcp away because we found it was inadequate for the long term effort and this was something was probably noted by the senate several years ago when the senate did not endorse it as a treaty madison also criticizing iran for being a malign force in the middle east giving her on social credit for keeping syrian president assad in power us attorney general jeff sessions announcing this weekend anyone crossing the border illegally will be detained and referred for prosecution but us district judge rainer college says there's one major problem the courts in arizona are already working at capacity and can't handle more prosecutions we don't have the staff you don't have the personnel who don't have the room to be able to do anything more than we're doing right now with regard to be tackled cases collins says he hasn't seen any help from the feds yet israeli's military says running forces based in neighboring syria fired about twenty projectiles at israeli positions in the golan heights officials say there was minimal damage in response the israeli military says it struck dozens of iranian military targets in syria overnight israel says the targets included weapons storage facilities logistics centers intelligence sites and logistic sites used by elite iranian forces you're listening to abc news seven seven cd wtmj probably antics wealth management studio this is newsradio wtmj i folks this is wisconsin tourism secretary stephanie klett.

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