Sacramento PD release dozens more videos from Stephon Clark's shooting death


Story so that means seventies and eighties in your forecast plenty of sunshine for the weekend all right let me just give it one more time thanks and traffic and weather together on the it's on all news one zero six nine am seven forty kcbs kcbs news time seven twenty two sacramento police have released dozens of new video and audio clips related to last month's fatal shooting of stefan clark those clips include dashboard and body camera footage from video from a sheriff's helicopter as well and to nine one one calls the videos confirmed that officers waited about five minutes from the time clark was shot before they approached his body they then spent another minute handcuffing him and searching him before rendering medical aid the videos also show at least one responding officer being told to mute his microphone and two others performing cpr on clark the department has since banned muting microphones one of the nine one one calls came from inside clark's grandparents home the caller reports banging on his backyard windows and asks the dispatcher what's going on the number of latino students in oakland public schools far exceeds the number of teachers with latino heritage case if yesterday bob butler says the district is now launching a recruitment drive in an effort to diversify its staff right now forty five percent of students but only fourteen percent of oakland public school teachers have latino heritage we are looking at research that has come out that shows how the impact of having same race teachers has on students of color and so this is why we are now i'm putting an intentional effort to building our latino teacher pipeline raquel jimenez says that impact is not good it's causing a disconnection and disengagement with anything education related as early as fourth and fifth grade recruiter america donald said you don't have to speak spanish we invite anyone who's interested of latino heritage that wants to become a teacher this thursday to come to our orientation and help us spread the word to ten am at district headquarters tenth and broadway in oakland about butler kcbs kcbs news time seven twenty four it's time to check in with casey super micro money desk jason brooks is standing by susan facebook's privacy problems could take a turn.

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