The New York Times tries hard to understand Trump voters


On the michael medved show i would hope that there is nobody out there who would attempt to defend the the efforts on the part of the left to whip up hysteria about the current us policy's by by talking all about why this is nazi like it's one of those things you've heard on this show that honestly i there are elements of nazi horror that are singular and it's not the extent of the killing because yes mao killed more people than hitler and stalin killed more people than hitler but the unique and organized and scientific killing on a mass scale by the nazis was distinctive and it was unique and it wasn't a very short period of time and as a percentage of the target population was extraordinarily bloody but you have cnn political commentator named dave jacobson who was on saturdays cnn newsroom this weekend during the ten am our he said the following he said donald trump increasingly looks like hitler and nazi germany the next day that would be sunday he said increasingly donald trump is turning this nation into nazi germany and to nazi germany and turning these detention centers into concentration camps it's it's one of the reasons that by the way for years and years and years serious students of the holocaust have said that the phrase concentration camps should not be used they were not concentration camps they weren't just there to detain people they're there to kill people they were death camps and anyone who believes that or wants to compare the camps at the border to nazi death camps it's obscene and the third and it's an insult to intelligence into decency and shame shame shame meanwhile breaking news the trump administration has announced that they are pulling the us out of the united nations human rights council un ambassador nikki haley announced the withdrawal today just now alongside the secretary of state mike pompeo this following many reports that the move was imminent in her announcement ambassador haley blasted the un human rights council as a cesspool of political bias she is emphatically right and accused the body of politicizing and scapegoating countries with positive human rights records the withdrawal which comes just as the forty seven member body begins a threeweek session in geneva had been expected due to the administration's frequent criticisms of the body over its treatment of israel haley has repeatedly voted against us measures un measures critical of israel and as rebuked the council for what she called a chronic antiisrael bias look it's not just about that the un human rights council has also repeatedly attacked the united states which is more to the point i i fear however that this is a mistake and i'll tell you why by withdrawing of the un human rights council they're just more free to spew their nonsense without opposition in other words who's going to be the voice of sanity in this operation and once you withdrawn do you not minimize your ability to change the thing which the united states should exercise.

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