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How to build wealth with a few simple steps, says expert


Simple eliminate your debts i don't just mean credit card debt i don't just mean your carlin i mean every single debt take it back to the very roots of don't be a borrower i understand if you've got a mortgage right now yet most people do but if you ever saw that moving the gambler i loved that movie it was a great movie and in that movie john candy plays a money in which is like a lender and he meets with the young man who was playing the gambler and his says you know son you made your mistake when you were well up there was a time when you were well up the i'm paraphrasing then the young man says there was a needs to will that's where you made your mistake he didn't put yourself in your forget you position accepts he says a different word for forget okay the project you position is you've got a nice little houses paid for with a nice little car in the driveway this pay for with a little stash of cash that somewhere a fireproof safes secret bank account a policy of some sorry you've got some money somewhere that's your forget position that way of some crisis happens lose your job you lose your spouse you i don't know something happens and you just need to be able to regroup you're not at the point where you were forced to take any job that comes along you have a little bit of time where you can go to ground so to speak and live in your little house drive your little

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