Trump Romney, State Representative and Senator Orrin Hatch discussed on The Brad Davis Show


Time with house press secretary sarah sanders defense secretary james mattis confirming monday the military is preparing facilities for detaining illegal immigrant families both in fort lewis and the goodfellow air base in texas president trump but a campaign rally monday night for south carolina's governor henry mcmaster again critical of congressional inaction on immigration the democrats want open borders they want anybody that want including ms thirteen pouring into the controversy mcmaster in a runoff election tuesday for the gop nomination for south carolina governor against businessman john warren mississippi is also holding a runoff election today five states are holding primaries new york maryland colorado oklahoma and utah where former gop presidential candidate is attempting his political comeback romney who's been critical of president trump has been treading cautiously in his campaign to replace the retiring senator orrin hatch running a low profile campaign trying to stay out of controversy surrounding the president knows better how to run utah washington knows how to run utah gop challenger state representative mike kennedy says he's a true conservative who worked better with president trump romney has the president's endorsement boxes rachel sutherland dow futures have slipped into negative territory asian stocks closed mixed on tuesday a

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