DOJ rebuffs Nunes' request for Trump campaign spy documents


Along with eric harley eight six six ninety redeye just so much news out there the justice department on monday declined to answer requests by house intelligence committee german devon nunez for more information about the reported use of fbi informants while investigating president trump's 2016 campaign nunez had given the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein until five pm to say whether the f b had used informants against members or associates of the trump campaign and if so how many informants were used in how much money was spent on their activities in response to nunez assistant attorney general stephen boyd said many of your request relate to documents and information regarding issues surrounding confidential human sources that are solely in the custody and control of the fbi the fbi retains and has the ability to produce documents requested in a manner consistent with the zaba gatien to protect confidential human sources and methods boyd added sorry your line bogus bogus and bogus how can i say their line because they've lied every single time they have said that to devin new nez and oversight has the ability to see those documents has the right see those documents so they've done this before this is these stall tactic over and over and over again so what's going to happen now anything after anything after hours from nunez as he tweeted haven't seen anything yet but something has to happen because at five pm deadline that was it well we'll give you another day one more day that's not gonna work the american people are going to expect action from devon us and the gop on this this is ridiculous absolutely ridiculous that it's gone on this long then it went on for longer than a month and i'm giving a lot of room where i normally wouldn't thirty days would have been a long long time it by my standard and we're and we're calling out the department of justice as liars.

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