White House press secretary responds to controversy over restaurant ouster


This is jeff mckinney and the w o r newsroom there are now seven arrests in the machete hacking death of a fifteen year old bronx boy being charged in the death of la sandro guzman felise police say it was a case of mistaken identity when he was attacked by gang members last week at a bodega at one hundred and eighty third and bathgate guzman felice ran to a nearby hospital where he collapsed and died and here's more now on the tragedy of guzman felice sandro guzman police was one of the good kids in the neighborhood only adding to the grief over his senseless murder junior wasn't an explorer nyc youth explorer he was a protector and he was one of them he's one of us he united us and we lost and we lost him and houston angel a memorial candles pictures flowers and personal notes now surrounds the corner bodega where reputed gang members drag guzman felise out to the street and butchered him and no one tried to help alice stockton rosellini seven ten wwl our president trump this afternoon talking immigration in the oval office saying when people enter the us are legally they should quickly be sent back to where they came from we want a system where when people come in illegally they have to go out nice simple system that works you know mexico holes people for four hours five hours do hours and they're gone we have people for four five six years and they never leave white house press secretary sarah sanders today confirming she was kicked out of a virginia restaurant i was asked to leave a restaurant this weekend where i attempted to have dinner with my family i was asked to leave because i worked for president trump that happened to the red hen restaurant in lexington virginia the president today attack the red hen he attacked them on twitter saying it appears to be a dirty establishment is still no agreement between governor phil murphy and the new jersey state legislature on a budget for the next fiscal year even though his own party controls the legislature murphy says their budget isn't close to his we now have documented that the legislative leadership's plan is nearly a billion dollars short in being able to cover these needed investments the investments are for improving schools new.

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