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The yen one zero nine point six run as a bloomberg business flash tom and john thank you so much karen bar where this we're talking to run a six hour basis now bloomberg intelligence looking at industrials including generous electric karen the headlines today including healthcare is a spin out of sixteen percent of revenues was for me the bombshell which is at lawrence call larry cop of danaher will become the lead director tell audience who mr cop is and tell us why the danaher process will be good for mr flannery and ge larry call was the former ceo danaher he was are here or not so arguably one of the most well respected industrials ceos he he took danaher from a small hand tool company until multibillion dollar healthcare slash diversified entity very high margins and then split the company into an industrial and a healthcare business so he's execution is fake danaher business systems is the process by which he executed so well and that's the thing that people will be cut to the chase and i know you're not going to write about this because john farrell wants to get in here with fourteen questions are they gonna danaher is g e and are what they're really doing is setting up ge is the ultimate bolt on for dinner danaher is danaher new danaher is health care and in fact there was some discussion that danaher had looked at a part of gs healthcare business a life science business i don't know that they'd be very interested in healthcare relate the equipment you know the imaging equipment i think g e g that's going to remain is just going to be again a heavy capitalintensive business but air aviation and power so you know in a way they have healthcare piece now and they'll have an industrial pieces well but they'll just be separated you karen you've talked about the strength of this healthcare business you surprised that the spinning off as quickly as they have announced the.

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