College football player had brain damage at time of suicide


Football player who died of suicide in january said the twenty one year old quarterback had extensive brain damage that's been linked to concussions from playing the sport tyler alinsky was found dead in his apartment in january there's now growing concern about ct and football and young players komo's lamonica peter spoke with parents about the risks and rewards of the game don't have a problem with my son playing football days of seven absolutely not maybe by the time he's about twelve thirteen a little bit older greg lewis is a former u w n nfl player and now the executive director of the ymca east madison branch and seattle he says stories like tyler who linski should cause parents to think deeply about the health risks of youth football arctic seven young because the brain is in its infancy at that time and he has been known to be that repetitive over years of repetitious and blows so obviously the later you start playing the less impact it can have on your life the risk involved in youth football having gone unnoticed by little league groups across the country usa football created the heads up program to teach young player safer techniques to help minimize head injuries and we have yearly meetings in different locations to go over these new techniques we definitely will educate by usa football and the nfl is definitely connected wilson says he doesn't believe youth football is any more dangerous than rugby or cheerleading when it comes to sports injuries and that's why he's okay with his own kids playing football mind started at six and seven years old father now thirteen and fourteen all americans definitely we practices usa football techniques and things so so far so good both lewis and wilson say despite right the health risks football is here to stay but they hope the new techniques being taught to the next generation of players we'll take the risks of the head out of the game of football that's komo's lamonica peters twenty four seven news the news you want when you want it on komo news i'm michael preston komo.

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