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Of of his field goal attempts for the season he took six field goals. A game and five of them were threes. That's my guy. All right journeymen around the board. You WanNa. Fight me on anybody else. was there a guy that you had at fourteen that you like better? There's nobody. I didn't have no back at Fourteen I. Actually had a booby Gibson but. Like. This is not a fight. Worth Guy All right? We will not fight overby Gibson. Let's where maybe there's some fun in this draft is doing some CSI at what happened in the top of this draft, so let's start with Adam Morrison. What went wrong, so I think there were a lot of red flags coming right out and just in terms of. Athletic indicators were coming out against SAGAS. Think are writing about this at at the time, And Analytically. there. There are some things that really made you wonder if he was going to be able to make the transition. And unfortunately, all those things played out. He obviously had a knee injury, too, which didn't help because he was already at a little bit of a deficit athletically. Then just a guy who's whole game was built on tough twos was now trying to take even tougher twos at a pro level and it just at some level just didn't work. You know all of this hype was essentially generated around his junior season averages twenty eight points a game. In the college basketball said, which is really remarkable, and in that season one thing that dramatically improves as it goes from being a thirty percent. Three point shooter is I two years in college to being a forty three percent three point shooter. And you know. That was part of his game that he really added. By if you look at. Everything else there was questions about that in a and turns out that he kind of regressed back to the mean, even as a shooter. In the NBA Lynn. Even Britain didn't even really bring that to the table. I think the even scouting him. There was there was questions about it couldn't offend anybody. We knew that was going to be a major issue. And then as you said his creativity and being able to get shots was really fun to watch in college, but you wondered when he gets around more athletic defenders, and he's already having to do and make these incredibly tough shots just to get his points. What that's GonNa look like in the NBA and actually almost feel. It was kind of predictably played out the way. That most of the concerns about him. At the questions that people are asking like all of them were answered. All the concerns were. Yeah, that's a concern. Yeah and the you know the diabetes as well I think was a a you know clearly also played a role. In all this. Fair Point yes. Absolutely, he was frustrated. Though and you know I've I've I've heard him talk. You know since then that he doesn't didn't feel like he got maybe the fair shot. In the NBA as well and you know that's that's it. It's really tough when you go from averaging twenty eight points a game on a team like Gonzaga. You're sort of a national icon hero to come into the NBA and like what is just has to happen for almost all of these players at least for the elite. You've got to start to fill a role. And and do something that makes your team better and it wasn't clear what Morrison could actually do. he wasn't going to score efficiently. It wasn't going to defend who was going to rebound What does he do? To really move the needle for your team. Just an in a series of Charlotte mess ups. This one was was pretty dramatic. Because at least at this point, there were other guys on the board that that certainly could have been better. Let's talk about Tyrus Thomas. What happened with Tires Thomas? Good Player for a little while like we see it taken thirteen or fourteen, just as easily is first season, Charlotte after they traded for him was actually really good. Then he started having a knee problems and everything went downhill because there was just no skill level to have to be foundation for him, so it was all athleticism. Run Dunk Block shots so once that some of that bounce went away in a game, just got really hard for him. He needed to be that crazy. Energy Guy, and you know project guys and I'm all for that. I hate just. Looking at a prospect insane will. This is what he can't do and so never be able to do it I mean we just talked about Kyle lowry, and and what he ended up learning how to do, but for someone like tyrus Thomas this was a clear case of embrace what you do well, and you'll be okay in the league, but if you try to be Kobe, Bryant, you're going to bust. Sheldon Williams. Yeah, I mean I. saw him a bunch I. Don't think this is the case, red flags or anything he just he just wasn't that good and shouldn't have been the fifth pick. Right like there's there's no mystery here. You should have been in the twenties. Thirties on on a draft board. Yeah and The hawks just. Lost their minds. Taking five I mean this was What you know we knew actually there was a lot of. There is a lot of rumblings that this was the guy that they'd locked in early on him. Whatever but everybody was like they're not actually going to do it or they're going to trade down in the draft of getting or whatever awful. Patrick O'Brien. Yeah. He you know. That was like a speculative pick a little bit like he'd had a pretty good year Bradley right, but he wasn't. It wasn't what it wasn't drafted based on what he was. He was drafting people projecting ahead for what he might be certainly not as quite as desperately as Muhammad Senate was, but it was the same idea right well, he I mean he did have that. One assist and I do mean one. He had one career assists career now. In fairness, he played two hundred and sixty minutes. So, his career wasn't much of a career. Obviously, people are thinking about shot-blocking being being his assistant turnover ratio. Fifteen turnovers. That's gotta be some sort of historic number as well. Yeah one assist to forty four fouls. That's. There's well. I feel like the NBA made. From these sorts of picks. I'm trying to think like in the last five or six years where anybody's done something like Muhammed Cyrus any. And I and I don I I just don't think so I think that. Maybe maybe he became the cautionary tale about just taken international player based off a physical profile and hoping that the turnout, or if they've done it, and they've done it like Bruno was the twenty first pick or something twenty nobody they haven't done it a ten. And but Bruno had some game. Right now whether translate the NBA or not I mean sire. Sunday was like the only thing could say about his game was that he was really long in that he you could project him as a shot blocker. All right. That was the two thousand six. NBA Draft. 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