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And wcbMcom. We'll President Trump declared a national emergency at the border. I'm Dave Anthony, Fox News. We have a crisis at the border of drugs of human beings being traffic all over the world. They're coming through, and he is adjusted the declaration could allow him to build the border wall. But Democrats insist there is a way around the standoff over wall funding. Here's congressman David cellini. What we're saying is open up. The government will have a short term extension for the department of homeland security. So we can resolve this disagreement, but we need to reopen the government and stay seventeen of the partial shutdown eight hundred thousand federal workers either off the job or working without pay the US and China are holding a new round of talks trying to resolve the ongoing trade dispute. Fox's Simon Owen monitoring live from London day both sides expressing optimism is told us begin in Beijing, it's an attempts to build on a truce struck by President Trump and Chinese president sheet. But since those two leaders met last month, neither country has suggested it's red. Ready to budge in a dispute that scene tariffs imposed on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of imports. As the talks began China filed a protest after spotting a US wash it in the South China Sea, disputed waters China claims as it said in there and morning in Michigan. A family of five killed earliest today on a highway in Kentucky when a suspected drunk driver going the wrong way hit their SUV had on like a dream. It's like a bad dream. It's a front of the Abbass family that was headed back from a Florida vacation the Hinna the Golden Globes last night on NBC. Fox's Michelle Pollino was there. In Hollywood interracial road trip movie. Green book led the Golden Globes with rewards and the comedy or musical category. But for best picture drama a surprise to everyone, including the filmmakers, so he made rhapsody. Wow..

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