RON, Maryland, Lawrence discussed on Business Daily - Hormones: They Cost How Much?


I'm just enroll not welcome to the latest in our business daily series on hormones and this week the emphasis is very much on business the farmaceutica business something is clearly ron at this type of behaviour key ally and they're still not dropping the price from leaving created enormous last year loan for the british health ervin's almost halfamilliondollar tcu things in life for free you can give them to be the medicines most certainly do not come free but imagine you depend on a drug to stay alive and then one day the price suddenly started to go up and up and how do you feel now give me your lunch came up tails one so we're back at the william harvey research institute of parts and the london school of medicine and dentistry to give its full name and i'm with professor maryland drew susan expert on hormones and today we are talking about the pricing of hormones when they used in medicine and as often the producer lawrence has provided me with a prop it looks like a pan but it appears to have a needle at the top i think i've seen these being used on tv i'm going to guess this is an app upenn this is to deliver a dose of adrenalin to a patient who fats suffering an allergic shock reaction exactly right so these two different ways rarely in which we might choose to give call names in a medical setting one is when we replacing a hormone that may be a body has stopped producing but the needs seven example of that might be insulin if you have type one diabetes.

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