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Us soon that's what I'm I radio no longer royal line J. Metzler fox news prince Harry and Duchess Megan now private citizens giving up their titles Queen Elizabeth in a statement praise the couple for their charity work saying they will always be members of her family the queen obviously Hey wanted defines an amicable solution I'm not soon all that statements it's very warm towards the couple she also wanted to find a good compromise solution that would please old concerns oxes Kitty Logan in London a couple will no longer receive public funds the royal duties they will be stepping back from many foreman engagements including minute free appointments one of the very interesting point is that the couple has also offered to repay extensive renovation costs the frontal cortex that is that when the property given to them by the queen they will also importantly longer have those official world titles the cheek and Duchess of Sussex prince Harry has said he was happiest when he was serving in the military he did two tours of duty in Afghanistan both sides have a deadline for the house impeachment managers they have to present their case against president trump at five PM eastern the president has an hour to respond Democrats continue to push for witness testimony and documents last night house Democrats release new documents showing what they claim is more evidence the trump administration wanted to pressure top Ukrainian officials to investigate Joe Biden the documents show text messages between left partners news so see to Rudy Giuliani and Derrick Harvey former army colonel in present day aide to congressman Devin newness the top Republican on the house Intel committee and a leading defender of the president the messages show Harvey in part is working to arrange interviews with Ukrainian officials who claim to have third on the bidens boxes Lucas Tomlinson America is listening to fox news former boss Nissan traffic.

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