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There is ever seen Jennifer king Washington the risk of being kidnapped or taken hostages being added to the travel advisories issued by the State Department. AP correspondent Shelia. Atler reports the State Department usually warns travelers about things like crime, civil unrest and potential for terrorism. But now they've added something new aka indicator for the potential to be kidnapped. It's been issued for thirty five countries. The new designation comes after the release of a California woman who had been held for a week after being kidnapped by gunmen in a national park in Uganda. Among the countries making the initial list, Afghanistan, Mexico, Lebanon Venezuela and Uganda shoving after Washington a redacted version of the special counsels. Russia reports expected to be released within a week, according to attorney general William bar, but as AP Washington correspondent saga megani reports. Democrats aren't hopeful it'll have everything they want to know Barr says he's working to strip. The report of grand jury and other sensitive information tried to assure Democrats, he'll explain just what was taken out. We will color code the excisions from the report. The Democrats like Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer want the whole thing not aversion with Dr filter color me dubious that he's going to be fair unless he proves otherwise Senate GOP chief Mitch McConnell says bar will provide. What is legally allowed really goes down to question whether you trust Bill or not and I do saga megani at the White House. Investigating the investigators. I'm Jacky Quin with an AP news minute. Attorney general William Bartoli lawmakers today. He's begun an investigation into whether proper procedure was followed at the start of the Russia investigation and the twenty sixteen Trump campaign team, I think there's spying did occur. Yes. I think spying did occur. He says he is still working to release much of the special counsel's report within about a week European Union leaders and Britain have agreed to allow another Brexit extension moved to October thirty first giving more time for parliament to find the best possible solution. If you own a Ford f one fifty twenty fifteen through twenty nineteen model, you might be under recall. Our my been reports. The automaker says the recalls to fix problems with engine block heater cables that can cause fires dealers are replacing them. Rough driving with heavy snow in south and North Dakota from a spring storm. I'm Jacky Quin. More news right after this. The all new.

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