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Seriously that's it it's like i am really having a great time when i'm on stage yeah i love i love it and when i look out and i have to say this a lot of comedian i don't give people laughing that's not what i do this for you yeah i got a this process and so just what i do and i'm just like your soul fullish shit yeah you can't you care you can't because when you look out at an audience and you see people smiling like there's something about smile there's something about a human face that when your cheeks swell with this like very low grade joy that's my resting face and i feel like you have done decried i remember what show it was we were doing what you were talking about doing stand up and then also hosting qvc of my god so my very first job on camera which by the way i'm very grateful for because it was a an education in so many things including racism throw a little sheet my very first job on camera was a host for these abc and i just told to folks instead of selling the stuff but i ended up selling like a lot of stuff without even trying and i will never forget they have these like employee evaluations and so the guy i won't give his last name but his name was jack which should tell you everything but we're doing an employee valuation right and so he goes like this he puts on the tape because everything you do is on camera right and so he what's on the tape and i make a joke about a comforter i'm selling a comforter and i make a joke and he goes like this.

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