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Garner so much info a like it would be also take the picture like colon oscar people like i just thought wow that's cool and you could tell netanyahu is pleased have something the prolong life not above killing yeah he he lives the crow banner eight but i think he's just one of the show another colored their air or whoever and lemons wow that's really amazing and the reminds you the just guys folks are just like this because he says a movie where they shot the guy died and inject a little bit nicer stone christie watch fantastic voyage to so you know like everybody is living the same life even the people you think so the one was with him fascinating one with dana white who i just know is a lovely cat who at one and whenever i wanna go see for god knows i i you know i don't know why but spayed introduced us originally and he's been so nice being so classy and i learn more about him in that interview than i ever knew about i mean you really don't know people's labs until you get a little glimpse of everybody's got trousers i've had one of his which was a inner ear and balanced problem and it is maddening a fucking right near why after a crash at all i don't give a shit about what you're overhearing ron jeremy in yourself and doing ancient sanskrit you know you don't fucking know what i'm talking about what you're talking about that in an earlier problem just like dana white said i take notes so that i can write the description after the show oh tell me that science telling us they're hitting lindsey passing notes in circle yes or no that's a recall that interaction to dana has me there and get three in the second row sucking all the fight a huge fight and rogan's right in front of you and and i always hear that he doesn't like me so i don't say anything but he got up and came over and said hey dan is it done and we had a nice little chat and i could tell that really impress my son is my son's a huge dana white huge joe rogan fan and a so you saw that it was the quickest knockout ever yeah there was a guy who got knocked out in five seconds and you know they bruce buffer as they ringside announcer any oh he's whereas these crazy crazy outlandish like craig sager type f you remember the guy is the rest of the so i think he's power has a new jersey nb eight courtside reporter and certain guys make this choice where they're going to we're where the most outlandish stuff when they're on tv and i always think it's a nice move because you wanna be noticed optically what's it matter to you if you're in a sharp suit or if you don't wanna do that by not address so i i get what buffers doing is the most outlandish it's like the state flag of the sierra leone something in the code so the guy's name was a crime and start with the hey maybe you could look it up chris i forget the cat's name he's going up against this cuban and and my son lace up taxonomy says the cuban kid has been eating shit from this guy around a month now the guy's been bad rap but i'm talking i'm done so the cuban guy is taking no fucking prisoners that night everybody the pick the song the they're coming to the ring two picks that heavy mellow tron vibe from scarface cuban kid coming out the scarface scared shitless now is that heavy heavy music zeka about now all the killing people living under the highway and then you know in christ something he's pissed off severely kid looks like sort of a you know a un.

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