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Also like, yeah, I guess that makes sense if money. Not Totally. surprised. No it wouldn't throw. Roaming I mean what are the accusations they're like Oh people were mean and bullying but then there was sexual misconduct about one of our producers like kept grabbing Dick and but like I mean, you know that to West Hollywood once go to go to West Hollywood. Want you're GonNa get your Dick grabbed all. and. Those are all everyone. That's all ellen producers down at She's got a lot of producers lot of producer big show. Big Show big show Dude No. The other one. Okay. So you heard it from Andrew who's giving a pass I'm giving her I'm giving her the Yup sought common. Yeah. So it common as. The other one I wanna ask you `bout. Carol. In, competing with dancing with the stars. Your Carol Ba and that there's another wrinkle to this, which is fascinating. Okay. She came on the show and I don't know familiar with her story. For Very Young. She was the woman tiger king who was the. The. Arch Network of. Lion Tiger Jones that his name. Joe Exotic Tiger Joe I like you're trying to get Joe, it's more white trash Anwar becoming of him. Anyway. He'll he and many alleged the curl baskin killed her first husband, and during the airing of the first episode, her first husband ran an ad accusing her of murdering their dad. That is fucking amazing. Let's just chat. Okay. Let's see it. I WANNA see this. The, dancing itself was really whatever I mean. She's an old lady trying to dance. It's the fact they do have her on is kind of. Kind of insane I. mean she's like I. It's like having OJ on kind of yeah. Dude. OJ still gets a lot of sponsorships like people have in stopped. You know what I mean. He Dale's imagine dating Jay Bro. But let's be real if you were a young girl in your area or one of these dating APPs and UC OJ on there. Don't you Kinda like the mystique you're like, what if he fucking kills? Women liked, that's why women like to get choked in bed. Some women love to be choked. You know because they like the a woman set is to me one time a woman Fred said. She Goes I. Love being choked I said why she goes because of the fear I was like Oh because of the fear. I swear to God she's because the fear so I'm sure there's women why do you think women date fucking inmates? Why do why do you think? They like the idea of this guy could maybe kill me and it's Kinda. Sexy. But like they don't. Own Jay US like yeah. I will act but you know what? I mean I just I. Think I think he's not if you were a woman dating Oj, knowing that he had such strike twice kind of thing you're not gonna hit his murder. His first murder was so messy. It's like if he's going to do it again first of all, he'd be cleaner about it. So we'd go about it in a better way if he was going to kill you and then. Also I think. Yeah. You don't want some like stabbed in the yard is crazy. You know what I mean you bleeding outside of your how he would do something a little bit more. You pills or something quote. But I just yeah I. See. I know but it's sexy. It's sexy to know that he might kill you just don't. I think we should have a dancing the stars with OJ. Charles Manson is still alive right in prison nonni finally. Donald. Just. Man. Rally Eastern. Great One. Co J. Woody Allen. Cosby he's still kicked. His ass out there. Yeah. Into cosby woody. Allen. OJ. There's just so many star people that could be on dancing with the stars I actually Mel Gibson would I mean he would crush Yeah. Does he still hate us is that a is come on you don't shed that. Evening Canadian, do remember years ago I did years ago I hated you from the time. I was I told you from the bar. Mitzvah, when I was ten, I was fifteen and I finally let it go I've finally. Let it go well no. Okay. Please remember his famous quote. What was it i? Hope you get raped by a pack of n words he said to his wife. And he made that a famous he e made that a famous line when I remember hearing that all the time when I was. When I was younger when that Frisco Okay let's analyze it. Maybe he's into the cookery of it all maybe he thinks that's hot. Well, what if that turns them on Tom? With certainly I don't know man you don't know how people talking their bedroom that could have been a really. Listen I. Hope You make it showcase. Some black. Dot Com. which up site lacked raw black raw black draws blacked raw. WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BLACK ON BLACK? One of them has a condom and the other one doesn't you know Oh shit. why do they need similar website for black, draw. It's a subcategory they. It's like their umbrella black. The black is the mother ship black. If Black is ellen blacked raw is Ellen's boutique clothing line at target. Well, I mean not to split here but if you're watching black dot com, you probably want to go straight to black. No some people are in a safety some people like the idea of sex with condom I I have I've a lot of friends that will only watch condom born because they're worried for the actors that they're like I. Don't want us to watch someone catch anything. Yeah. There's there's there's people that WANNA see people don't not even touch. I know people that want to watch porn where they have sex from a distance. Have you ever seen that? I'm not sure how do you know what does that? There's like tantric distant sex on the Internet where people? Fire they masturbating or they just. With your mind you can jerk off with your mind. You don't have to even touch the other person look we can. Technically, we could watch that. Yeah. Yeah. Look it up. Do they get their penis erect and they can think about coming with someone else? That's a real. It's a real practice in tantric sex. You GUYS WANNA walk. That's VIN diesel by the young pope that ad in if you would please thank you God bless you appreciate Blah. God bless you. God. Bless.

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